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Ready Prepared Foods

Looking for simple, delicious seafood meals you can just heat and eat? Stop by Mr. Bill's Seafood for a great selection of healthy seafood choices along with fresh salads, vegetables, and fresh-made soups.

Oven Ready Appetizers

    Clam Casino
    Mussel Casino
    Oyster Rockafeller
    Scallops Wrapped in Bacon
    Shrimp Wrapped in Bacon
    Shrimp Stuffed/Backfin Crabmeat
    Shrimp Stuffed/Claw Crabmeat
    Shrimp Stuffed/Jumbo Lump Crabmeat
    Mushrooms Stuffed with Crabmeat

Kitchen Ready Items

    Backfin Cakes
    Backfin Cakes (Unbreaded)
    Cajun Claw Cakes
    Claw Cakes
    Claw Cakes (Unbreaded)
    Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes (Unbreaded)
    Breaded Oysters
    Breaded Scallops
    Dill Butter
    Scampi Butter
    Cajun Seasoning
    Clam Cakes
    Red Clam Sauce
    White Clam Sauce
    Scallop Imperial
    Crab Imperial
    Crab Sauce
    Fish Cakes
    Salmon Cakes
    Salmon Loaves
    Salmon Spread
    Scallops in Cream Sauce
    Stuffed Scallops


Fresh salads, prepared daily.

    Claw Crab Salad
    Spicy Crab Salad
    Cream Slaw
    Herring in Cream
    Herring in Wine
    Krab Salad
    Pepper Slaw
    Shrimp Salad
    Tuna Salad
    Veggie Pasta


Fresh, hardy soups made in our own kitchen!

    Cajun Chowder
    Crab Asparagus
    Crab Soup
    Hearty Red Seafood Soup
    Lobster Bisque
    Manhattan Clam Chowder
    Maryland She Crab Soup
    New England Clam Chowder
    Oyster Stew
    Shrimp Bisque
    Spanish Clam


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