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Fresh Seafood

When only the best fresh fish will do, stop by our fish market for an incredible selection you just won't find anywhere else. We feature our own fresh cuts, prepared daily and presented in nature's own packaging for flavorful fish you'll love.

Wild Halibut Wild Sea Scallops
Wild AK King / NZ FR Organic Salmon - $39/lb
Wild Sockeye Salmon
Wild Coho
Arctic Char - $27/lb
Norwegian/Scottish Salmon - $27/lbFR
Boston Blue/Pollock - $12/lb
Cajun Catfish FR
Catfish FR
Cod - $23/lb
Dover Sole
Mahi Mahi
Large/Jumbo Flounder/Fluke - $19/lb
Grey Sole
Wild Halibut
Jersey Blue
Lemon Sole
Mako Shark
Shrimp, 31-35ct - $9/lb
Shrimp, 16-20ct - $16/lb
Shrimp, U-12ct - $22/lb
Lg Squid - $7/lb
Live Lobster, $21/lb
Black Sea Bass (Whole) - $9/lb
Black Sea Bass (Fillets) - $29/lb
Monk Fish
Porgies (Whole) - $4/lb
Haddock - $19/lb
Rainbow Trout FR
Red Perch
Red Snapper Whole - $13/lb
Red Snapper Fillet - $35/lb
Striped Bass/Rockfish - $39/lb
Chilean Sea Bass
Grouper - $39/lb
Sea Trout
Shad Roe
Spanish Mackerel
Swordfish - $21/lb
Yellowfin Tuna - $35/lb
White Salmon
Yellowtail Flounder
Tilapia FR- $8/lb
Our Own Hot-Smoked Salmon - $28/lb
Lobster Meat, Claw & Knuckle - $79/lb
Smoked Seafood and Pates

FR Indicates product is Farm Raised otherwise it is a Wild Product.
**Pricing is subject to availability and may change at any time. Call us at 717-299-2791 to confirm pricing and availability**
photo of red snapper fish different variety of fresh fish in refrigerated case at Mr. Bill's close up of fresh fish in case at Mr. Bill's


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