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Owner holding case of maryland blue crabs

Ready for the most delectable crab and lobster you've ever had? All of our blue crabs originate on the east coast from Maryland's Chesapeake Bay, Louisiana and the Carolinas. Our king crab is fresh caught in the Bering Sea, while our snow crab comes from the west coast or north Atlantic ocean.

We steam our own crab and lobster so it's always fresh and flavorful. Stop in today to see our selection!

New Crab Pricing Guide Coming Soon!

King Crab Legs & Claws

    Huge Red King Crab (6-9 count)
    Large Red King Crab (16-20 count)
    Only Bering Sea Red King variety, far superior to the Brown Or Golden Variety in quality taste and value. Only RED Kings!!! GO REDS!!!

Jumbo Snow Crab Clusters

    Delicious, Tender and Sweet Opilio Crab from the icy North Atlantic!


Maryland, Virginia, and Louisiana Blue Crab Meat

Absolute Sweetest and Finest Crabmeat. The season is over in November so at this time of the year we have pasteurized and frozen. The Maryland meat we offer is sourced directly from the picking facility. It is frozen the day it is received to ensure the best possible quality. Thaw slowly in refrigerator 24 hours before using.

Flamingo Brand South American Crabmeat

Best of all imported. Flamingo Brand Crabmeat from Ecuador and Colombia South America is the closest you will get to our domestic blue crab meat in flavor and overall experience. It seems to be the crabs from North and South America have a higher fat content that can be seen as the yellow component in the crabmeat. That is what contributes to its wonderful sweet flavor. It has been a staple of our line up for years. At the holidays we carry it in three forms. Fresh but in limited supply because the demand is so high. Pasteurized which is 93% of the satisfaction you would get from the same product fresh and Frozen. In order to have enough for the holiday demand, we will freeze the fresh crabmeat throughout the year the day we receive it.