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Sample the best tasting seafood from around the world from sashimi-grade tuna to New Zealand mussels and so much more.

Frozen seafood available by the pound or piece. Boxes also available!

Sashimi Tuna Saku Block - $29/lb
Chopped Clams (1 pound)
Red King Crab Legs
Snow Crab Clusters
Conch, Carribean 100% Cleaned - $79/5lb box
Dover Sole
Escargot, 10ct in shell w garlic butter - $12/pack
Frog Legs
Lobster Meat, Maine and Canada Claw, Knuckle, Leg - $29/8oz
New Zealand Mussels
Octopus (pulpo), Phillipines 2-4lb ea, $7/lb
Octopus (pulpo), Spanish 4-6lb ea, $9/lb
Orange Roughy
Breaded Oysters
Lobster Tails, Maine/Canada Lobster Tails, South African Cold Water - $79 & $89/lb Lobster Tails, Brazil Warm Water, 10-12oz, 14-16oz, 16-20oz - $39/lb
Breaded Scallops
Calamari - Rhode Island, Tubes & Tentacles - $13/lb
Calamari - California, Tubes & Tentacles - $39/3lb box
Crawfish, Tail Meat, fully cooked $19/lb -
Smelts - $10/lb
Breaded Shrimp, 16-20ct - $27/3lb box
Alligator Meat
Clam Strips
Assorted Shrimp
Assorted Soups
Assorted Appetizers
Assorted Prepared Items
close up of crab legs in case
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