shrimp party tray

Ready for top-quality shrimp you just won't find anywhere else? Shop our fresh seafood market for shrimp from the Americas. You'll get better quality and a higher yield with an unbelievable taste and texture!

Frozen, Previously Frozen, or Steamed

    Shrimp - Small (41-50ct)
    Shrimp (36-40ct)
    Shrimp - Medium (31-35ct)
    Shrimp (26-30ct)
    Shrimp - X-Large (21-25ct)
    Shrimp - Jumbo (16-20ct)
    Shrimp (U-15ct)
    Shrimp (U-12ct)
    Shrimp (U-10ct)
    Shrimp - Colossal (U-8ct)
    Shrimp (U-7ct)
    Peeled and Deveined 200-300ct (cooked)
    Peeled and Deveined 200-300ct (uncooked)
    Shrimp (16-20ct) Mr. Bill's P&D
    Shrimp (U-15ct) Mr. Bill's P&D


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