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shrimp party tray

SHRIMP of the AMERICAS!! Remarkably Superior Shrimp!!

Top quality shrimp only from the Americas. Primarily Mexico, Central America, and Ecuador. All are #1 White Shrimp of the finest variety both Wild and Farmed. Our Farmed shrimp is raised at such a high standard that no antibiotics are used and are free of preservatives. You'll get highest quality and a higher yield with remarkably superior taste and texture!

Mr. Bill's Sizing Standard:
Small (41-50 count)
Medium (31-35 count)
Large (26-30 count)
X-Large (21-25 count)
Jumbo (16-20, U-15, U-12, U10 count)
Colossal (U-8, U-7 count)
Shrimp (U-7 count)
  • Raw or Steamed/ Shell On & Our Own Peeled and Deveined
  • Party Trays from our own Peeled and Deveined
Peeled and Deveined only from 21-25 ct and larger


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