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Regular #1 - Half Bushel

Regular #1 - Half Bushel
1 $155.00 
36-39 Male Crabs
Up to 6 1/4"
Fresh Steamed

Louisiana - Half Bushel

Louisiana - Half Bushel
1 $199.00 
24-30 Male Crabs
Fresh Steamed

MD/VA - Half Bushel

MD/VA - Half Bushel
1 $89.00 
46-50 Female Crabs
Fresh Steamed

Louisiana - Half Bushel

Louisiana - Half Bushel
1 $129.00 
34-38 Female Crabs 
Fresh Steamed

Crab Mallet

Crab Mallet
1 $3.99 
These mallets are perfect for cracking even the biggest crab claws.

Because of sporadic and limited winter-time crab supplies, please call for availability before placing your order.
We source our crabs from the Chesepeake and Delaware Bays, and from the tidal waters of the Carolinas and the Gulf of Mexico.
Before we steam your crabs, we carefully sort out all dead crabs to leave you with only live blue crabs to be steamed; all dead crabs are thrown away, no questions asked. After we sort your crabs for live and dead we sort them for size and wash your crabs to get them clean and ready for steaming. Then we use our retort pressure cooker to steam your crabs to perfection, chill them for shipping, and then ship the crabs fresh to your house or business. We take great pride in the way we prepare our steamed crabs. Our customers have loved the way we steam our crabs since 1973 and we are confident you will love our crabs too!

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Showing 1-5 of 5 Products

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