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Oyster & Clam Raw Bar - Currently Out of Season but Expected to Return Every Saturday from 12:00pm - 3:00pm in Fall 2012!

Top Neck Clam $.75
Firm, Juicy, and Delicious

New Jersey
Cape Cod Oyster $2
Mild and Gentle in Flavor, in a Delicious Briny Liquor, with a Sweet-Butter after Taste

Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts
Virginia Salt $1
Known for their sweet and salty flavor with a delicate texture

South Bay, Virginia
Wawenauk Oyster $2
Crisp Taste, Clean Licorice Finish; Scallop-like Adductor Muscle; Exceptionally Pleasant Brine Liquor

Damariscotta River, Maine
Chesapeake Bay Oyster $1
Mild, Sweet, and Delicate in Flavor

Chesapeake Bay, Maryland
Black Point Oyster $2
Faintly Sweet and Salty with a Delicate Texture and a Cucumber Finish

Nova Scotia, Canada
Long Island Blue Point Oyster $1.5
Plump, Substantial, and Bold in Flavor

Long Island Sound, Connecticut
Onset Bay Oyster $2
With Lip Smacking Brininess, these Oysters are Massachusetts’ Response to the Virginia Salt Oyster

Onset Bay, Massachusetts
North Shore Gold Oyster $2
Sweet Meat with a Clean, Crisp Salty Flavor

Nova Scotia Canada
Moonstone Oyster $2
The Briniest Oyster in our Selection

Rhode Island
Fisher Island $2
Briny and Light in Texture

Rhode Island
Wellfleet Oyster $2
Plump with a mild and sweet flavor, high brininess and a clean, crisp finish

Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts
Rome Point Oyster $2
Delicate and Briny with an Exceptionally Crisp Adductor Muscle

Rhode Island
Cedar Island Oyster $2
Sweet and Briny with a Delicate Texture

Rhode Island
Cascumpec Bay Oyster $2
Bold and Sharp in Flavor

Prince Edward Island
Malpeque Oyster $2
An Oyster Connoisseur's Classic Decision

Prince Edward Island, Canada
Osprey Point Oyster $2

Prince Edward Island
Westport Oyster $2
Meaty, Mild, and Sweet

Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts
Chatham Oyster $2
Refreshing and delicious; Mild Brininess

South Cape, Massachusetts
East Beach Blonde Oysters $2
Light and Delicate in a Briny liquor with a Sweet After-Taste

Rhode Island
Riptide Oyster $2
Strong in Flavor and Delicate in Texture

Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts
Salute Oyster $2
New Arrival

Prince Edward Island, Canada

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