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Backfin Cakes
Backfin Cakes (Unbreaded)
Cajun Claw Cakes
Claw Cakes
Claw Cakes (Unbreaded)
Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes (Unbreaded)
Breaded Oysters
Breaded Scallops
Dill Butter
Scampi Butter
Cajun Seasoning
Clam Cakes
Red Clam Sauce
White Clam Sauce
Scallop Imperial
Crab Imperial
Crab Sauce
Fish Cakes
Salmon Cakes
Salmon Loaves
Salmon Spread
Scallops in Cream Sauce
Stuffed Scallops

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  • Blue Crabs by the Bushel
  • Blue Crabs by the Dozen
  • Blue Crabs by the Half Bushel
  • Canadian Snow Crab
  • Crab Cakes
  • Crab Meat
  • Lobster Tails
  • Shrimp
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